Czech Door Designs at IRCE 2018

Prag participated in IRCE 2018 [International Rail Coach Expo 2018], May 17th – 19th, 2018 in Chennai, exhibiting a range of new products including three types of automatic door systems that have been rated as best suited to the Indian market, keeping in mind the current needs and safety requirements.The door systems on display were imported from their technology partner, M/s Pars Komponenty, Czech Republic

Systems displayed:

  • An Electrical Fully-Automatic Interior Sliding Door System that Pars has already supplied to ICF, Chennai for the Train 18 project.
  • Electrical Automatic Sliding Single-Leaf Plug-Door System for trains
  • Electrical Automatic Sliding Double-Leaf Door System for EMUs and Metros.

The advantage of all displayed door systems is their competitive price in the Indian market, world-class quality and low maintenance costs.

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