YOGAH KARMASU KAUSHALAM Excellence at work is 'Yog' - the union
of one's consciousness with the supreme.
YOGAH KARMASU KAUSHALAM Excellence at work is 'Yog' - the union
of one's consciousness with the supreme.

About Us

Prag Group of Industries, headquartered in Lucknow, India, is a leading manufacturer of a wide range of specialty engineering products for Railroad, Oilfield & Industrial applications. Products range from specialty rubber and rubber-to-metal bonded products to advanced railway equipment, a variety of polyurethane products, and a wide range of filters and filtration systems.

The company started in 1983, when Mr. Rakesh Jain, a B.Com. (Honors) graduate from Sri Ram College of Commerce, set up a workshop for the manufacture of agricultural diesel engine fuel-injection elements and locomotive miscellaneous spares under the guidance of his father Mr. S. P. Jain, an acclaimed Tool Room engineer of his time.

This workshop, with a staff of 15 employees and total area of 6,000 Sq. Ft., marked the humble beginning of a group whose foundation was laid on relentless hard-work, uncompromising quality, and a vision of constant improvement, innovation, and continual forward movement.

Today, the group has several manufacturing facilities located in India in the cities of Lucknow & Dehradun with a workforce of over 350 people and covered manufacturing area of over 200,000 Sq. Ft., offering one of the most diversified product portfolios in the industry.

Some of the major milestones along our journey are presented below.

Our Journey


Workshop set up by Mr. Rakesh Jain to manufacture small precision engineering components.


Manufacture of Rubber and Rubber-Metal Bonded products for the railroads.


  • Prag’s advancement in the field of filters and filtration systems.
  • Design, manufacture and installation of Sugar Milling Equipment in USA under technical collaboration with M/s Polymex Pty. Ltd., Australia.


Manufacture of a range of automobile mounts for aftersales markets in USA & Europe.


Introduction of Centrifugal Lube Oil Cleaners for Locomotives.


First indigenous design & development of Aquacheck™ Air Dryers adopted by Indian Railways with Transfer of Technology.


Introduction of completely indigenous range of Plate Type Heat Exchangers.


Manufacture of Cast & Thermo-plastic Urethane Products.


Pneumatic Clutch and Brake manufacture under license of and 100% buyback arrangement with M/s Oil States Industries – USA.


Fire Retardant Densified Thermal Bonded Polyester Blocks for Rail Coach Seats & Berths.


  • Set up of New Manufacturing Facility in Dehradun for manufacture of long-life lube and fuel oil filters.
  • Manufacture of High Voltage Composite Insulators, High Temperature Insulation Kits for Exhaust Manifold & Compressor oil pipelines.


Manufacture of AAR approved design of Bogie Mounted Air Brake System for Railroad Freight Cars.


First indigenous development of UIC compliant Polspa™ Polymer Spring Packs for Buffer, Draw Gear and Draft Gear Applications.


Design and Development of Spinflo™ Inertial Air Filtration Systems for Locomotive Air Intake Filtration.


Development of Draft Gears with Yoke Assemblies for Locomotives - PAC / MAC for EMD Locomotives and DG70N Soft Draft Gear (70kJ Capacity) for Alco & Electric Locomotives.


  • Setting up of New Manufacturing Facility for Aluminum Alloy Casting.
  • Development of Auto Drain Valves & Feed Valves for Air Brakes.


Development of Auxiliary Power Supply System with Automatic Control of Engine Stop for Locomotive Applications.