Auxiliary Power Unit

Prag ACES + APU Auxiliary Power Supply System system is designed to provide substantial fuel saving and reduce emissions of Diesel-Electric Locomotives by automatically shutting-down main locomotive engine on idling along with continuous monitoring of critical parameters.

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Compressed Air Supply Equipment

Prag designs and manufactures a wide range of equipment used for supply and treatment of compressed air for railroad air brake systems. These include Aquacheck Heatless Regenerative Air Dryers, Auto-Drain Valves, Feed Valves, Coalescer Filters and Main Reservoir Filters.

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Bogie Mounted Air Brake System

Unique parallelogram design air brake system, manufactured under the license of and transfer-of-technology from M/s Knorr Bremse (Germany), is a highly reliable AAR approved freight wagon brake system designed to minimize weight and deliver optimum braking performance.

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Locomotive Draft Gears

Prag’s range of Locomotive Draft Gears include both Rubber as well as Polymer based Draft Gears with Yoke Assemblies and are built to perform continuously in the harshest of operating and environmental conditions. Products include PAC, MAC and the DG70N Soft Draft Gear.

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Plate Type Heat Exchangers

Prag completely indigenous Plate Heat Exchanger for Locomotives was introduced in 2004. Designed to offer the most optimum thermodynamic performance, PHE-01 Plate Type Lube Oil Cooler has been in use on several Diesel-Electric Locomotives in India for more than 10 years.

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Filters & Filtration Systems

Backed by technical support from Clark Filter, USA – world’s premier manufacturer of railroad filters, Prag is India’s leading producer of Air, Oil, & Fuel filters for Railroad Applications and provides comprehensive filtration solutions for all kinds of rolling stock.

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Polyeurethane Products

Urethanes are next generation materials that offer the elasticity of rubber combined with the toughness and durability of metal. Prag manufactures a range of thermoplastic as well as cast urethane products for use in Locomotive, Passenger Car, and Freight applications.

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Rubber Products

Rubber moulding and Rubber to Metal bonding has been Prag’s forte since our very inception. Today, the range of rubber products offered is amongst the most extensive in the industry and caters to Oilfield, Industrial, Automotive as well as Railroad applications worldwide.

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