Prag is India’s leading manufacturer of Air, Oil, and Fuel filters for Railroad Applications and has been providing comprehensive filtration solutions for all kinds of rolling stock applications for more than two decades.

Backed by technical support from our partner, M/s Clark Filter, USA – world’s premier producer of railroad filtration products – our highly experienced filtration technologists and engineering design team are constantly working in-sync to develop and qualify improved filtration products.

Prag has been the pioneer for development of higher efficiency and longer life filters for the Indian Railways, having extended the filter replacement cycles from 30 days to over 180 days for most filtration products, and to over 240 days, in case of lube-oil filtration, when used in conjunction with our Centrifugal Cleaners.

Our range of mechanical filtration systems includes the SpinfloTM Self-Cleaning Inertial Air Filtration System used in engine air intake filtration and Centrifugal Cleaners used in locomotive lube oil filtration.

Spinflo filters consist of an array of spin-tubes designed to check tough contaminants including soot, rain, snow and sawdust while offering minimal resistance to the flow of air. It is the only fully indigenous inertial air filtration system for use in railroad applications, removing up to 98% contaminants at the primary filtration stage itself.

The Centrifugal Lube-Oil Cleaner is a ‘fit-and-forget’ mechanical lube-oil filtration system developed indigenously for the first time by Prag. Today, the system is installed in more than 3,000 locomotives and has led to effectively doubling the life of media-based lube-oil filters in addition to extending the lube-oil service life.

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