Rubber moulding and Rubber-metal bonding has been Prag’s forte since the very beginning. Today, range of rubber products offered is amongst the most extensive in the industry and caters to Oilfield, Industrial, Automotive and Railroad applications.

Our energy management rubber products include a range of rubber buffer, draft gear and side bearer springs for use on locomotives, passenger cars and freight wagons. We also manufacture a range of shear pads, compression mounts, spherical bearings, rubber springs, and bushes for use in EMD Locomotive and LHB Fiat Bogie suspension.

Pneumatic Air Spring Suspension is manufactured by Prag in Technical Collaboration with M/s Zhuzhou Times New Material Technology Co. Ltd. (China). The system was designed specifically for use in India and was adopted by the Indian Railways in 2008.

ELASTA-FLEX® drum clutch elements are manufactured in Technical Collaboration with M/s Oil States Industries, USA. These products are designed for a multitude of severe clutch and brake applications in oilfield, mining, paper-logging and marine industries, as well as other industrial applications.

Our TGHV silicone insulators are used on high voltage power lines. These insulators provide a valuable alternative to the widely used ceramic insulators due to their hydrophobicity, high mechanical strength, and lighter weight.

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