The KoldformTMLC-702 Roof-Mounted Air Conditioning System [RMAC] is a self- contained unit of mono-block design to be inserted into a fabricated aperture directly in the rail coach roof area. The system comprises of a single-stage R-407C vapor compression refrigeration system providing cooling capacity of 7.02 kW at an ambient temperature of 35oC [Dry Bulb], maintaining 23oC to 25oC temperature inside the cab.

In 2017, Prag introduced the first ever driver cab air-conditioning for Mumbai Suburban EMU service. The unique tower-type system was designed to maximize operating performance with minimum solar radiation and optimized air circulation. Subsequently additional variants of the product have been developed and introduced for use in MEMU (Mainline EMU) Coaches, which have also been duly approved by the Indian Railways and are in service.