Prag designs and manufactures a range of equipment used for supply and treatment of compressed air for Railroad Air Brake Systems. These include Heatless Air Dryers, Auto-Drain Valves, Feed Valves, Coalescer Filters and Main Reservoir Filters.

Amongst our most notable innovations is the Prag AquacheckTM Heatless Regenerative Air Dryer System. This vibration-resistant, compact and lightweight Air Dryer is designed to remove moisture and oil aerosols from compressed air and ensure continuous supply of clean and dry air to the air brake system.

Prag offers five different AquacheckTM models catering to a wide range of rolling stock. The system is in active service on over 1,000 locomotives. Optional heaters can be provided wherever required for operation in sub-zero ambient conditions.

The Prag AquacheckTM design was provided to the Indian Railways on Technology Transfer basis in 2003 and has been adopted by them as a standard on their Diesel & Electric Locomotive Fleet as well as on EMU & DEMUs.

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