Unique parallelogram design brake system is manufactured under the license of and transfer-of-technology from M/s Knorr Bremse India Pvt. Ltd. This highly reliable design is AAR approved and is designed to minimize weight and deliver optimum braking performance, which results in uniform shoe and wheel wear. Over 5,000 freight wagons fitted with Prag Air Brake System are in active service in the Indian Railways.

The brake cylinders are equipped with integral double-acting slack adjusters, which maintain constant piston stroke, resulting in uniform and efficient braking performance.

A Load Sensing Device [EL-60] – UIC approved design – senses loaded or empty conditions of the freight wagons, and provides a visual indicator showing brake cylinder pressure proportioning, and also sends out pneumatic signals which govern the magnitude of braking forces. This helps protect the wheels by reducing empty-car braking forces that can result in costly wheel skidding, especially under adverse weather or track conditions.

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