Urethanes are next generation materials that offer the elasticity of rubber combined with the toughness and durability of metal. Prag manufactures a range of thermoplastic as well as cast urethane products for use in rolling stock and track applications.

Our Thermoplastic Urethane product range includes Brake Gear Bushes, Bearing Liners, Wear-Plates, Gear Case Seals, and Spring-Pads.

Some of our noteworthy Cast Urethane products include Constant Contact Side Bearings for Freight Wagons and Polspa Damper Systems for Buffer, Draft Gear, and Draw Gear applications.

Constant Contact Side Bearings, manufactured under license of M/s Chemtura Corporation, USA [Patented Product] was introduced in 2005. With over 2 Million units in service today, this product has successfully enhanced the changeover cycle from 9 to 12 months to over 6 years with negligible failure rate as brought out by the performance reports of major user railways.

The Polspa Damper System, indigenously developed and introduced in 2011, is a highly engineered elastomeric spring pack that absorbs significantly higher amounts of energy as compared to rubber or steel springs, while at the same time offers a service life of more than 5 times, making it virtually a “Fit & Forget” concept.

Prag’s Polymer Technologists are working constantly to identify problem areas and design suitable high performance long-life solutions for our customers using cutting-edge materials and processing technologies offered and supported by our world-renowned technology partners including BASF (Germany), Bayer (Germany), Chemtura (USA), and DuPont (USA).

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