‘Thy Life’s a Miracle’

The miraculous life-story of Mr. Rakesh Jain, founder Prag Group of Industries, was vivaciously chronicled in a book titled, “Thy Life’s a Miracle, RJ: The Harvester of Opportunities”, written by Chander Mahadev and published by Zorba Books, Gurgaon.


Rakesh Jain, aka RJ, is a successful self-made entrepreneur from Lucknow who dabbled in many business ideas but didn’t blink whenever he hit a roadblock or even when he hit rock bottom. An intuitive and brave hearted risk-taker, he was helped along by people in seemingly miraculous ways and finally set up the Prag Group of Companies making quality engineering products for the Indian Railways.

Over time, he ended up being a brilliant Relationship Jockey (RJ) who conquered great heights in the face of adversities. Armed with a smile, a business plan and shoals of positive energy he tempted fate with childlike innocence only to be showered with miracles.

The chapters throw up mind-boggling questions like:

  • Do miracles really happen?
  • If they do, why do they happen to a man deeply involved in the world of business and enterprise?
  • Does a human being need to be the perfect receptacle for miracles to play out in daily life?

RJ’s thrilling and dramatic life story throws up philosophical possibilities as to what construes a miracle? Can RJ’s miracles be replicated by young entrepreneurs trying to make a mark with their start-ups?